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With its pristine natural beauty and vast open spaces, Lakewood has a rich history of keeping guests and residents entertained with its parks and lakes. It’s no surprise that it was named Lakewood!

With the hustle and bustle of everyday life, residents need to unwind and what better way to do it in than immersing yourself in nature? We’ve rounded up a few of our favorite parks for the family to enjoy in Lakewood.


Seeley Lake Park

Seeley Lake Park is a welcome reprieve from the busy city, right in the center of it. Nestled between retail stores and an apartment complex, it provides the perfect dose of nature for Lakewood residents. The 48 acre park is a popular running and walking spot and includes a 1 mile trail and wetlands.


American Lake Park

Take in the beauty of the American Lake at this much-loved Lakewood family destination. Located on the north shore of the lake, American Lake offers a variety of facilities and activities for everyone. It includes a swimming beach, picnic tables and shelter and a newly completed kids playground. Public boat launches are also available at a fee.


Edgewater Park

Another park overlooking a large body of water, Edgewater Park is ideal for family picnics. It offers free public boat launching, making it a local favorite. You should go early if you plan to make a day of it as access and parking are limited.


Harry Tood Park

There’s no end to the fun that can be had at Harry Todd Park. There’s something for everyone! The 17-acre space includes a swimming beach, ample play facilities, 4 basketball courts, 2 baseball fields, picnic tables and a skate park. Add to that lovely green shaded areas all around the park. Private picnic shelters are available for half or full day rental.


South Puget Sound Wildlife Area

Enjoy wide open spaces while spotting some animals in their natural habitat. Covering a total area of 100 acres, South Puget Sound Wildlife Area includes a trail system for walking, running or cycling. Even for those not keen on activity, the space provides the perfect setting for quiet moments of reflection.


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