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While Lakewood has no shortage of wide open natural spaces for kids to enjoy, it also has a range of options to keep the little ones entertained when they’ve just had enough of the lakes and the parks. Being one of the most livable cities in the country, you can bet there is plenty more them to do and explore. Below we take a look at some of those options that’ll help parents show their kids a good time in Tacoma.


Debbie Dolittle’s Petting Zoo

It’s an animal lovers’ delight at this indoor petting zoo that houses a variety of animals, from your usual house pets like cats, to miniature farm animals and some more exotic species in between. For the safety of the animals, no food is sold or allowed onto the premises, and visitors are warned not to bring along food for the animals.

Debbie Dolittle’s are open seven days a week from 11AM to 6PM, so whenever the kids get that sudden craving to be surrounded by furry friends, you know where to go!


LeMay America’s Car Museum

This one is a win-win for parents and kids alike. The cars on display at America’s Car Museum are likely to put both and the kids in awe. It presents visitors with the broad history of automotives in the country, complete with displays of vintage and modern models by some of the finest car brands around.

What’s especially great for kids is the Learning Lab, Powering the Future, which exists to encourage thought and debate around how the future will be powered. It comprises a range of interactive areas aimed at engaging kids basic energy literacy and the future of transportation.


Tacoma Arts Museum

Perhaps better suited to the older kids, the Tacoma Arts Museum’s collection includes more than 5000 pieces that seek to shine a light on the art and artists of the Northwest region. Its mission is to connect people and serve the area’s diverse communities through exhibitions, events and programmes.

Exclusive to the Tacoma Arts Museum is Dave Chihuly’s largest retrospective collection and the Haub Family Collection of Western American Art, which is the first collection of western American art in the Pacific Northwest region.





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