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Also known as The City of Destiny, Washington’s Tacoma is truly a city for everyone. With its abundance of parks, public amenities and recent private investment, more and more people are attracted to the city. For all its beauty and energy, there are some interesting things you may not have known about Tacoma. Allow us to share some of them.


It is one of the US’s most livable cities

Many factors combine to make Tacoma one of the most livable cities in the country. From vibrant family neighborhoods, plenty of natural open spaces and the opportunities available for all, we can agree it’s a great city for young urbarnites and families alike.


Named for a mountain

Mount Rainier is one of the prominent visual features of the city, and it’s also the origin of Tacoma’s name. Originally called Takhoma or Tahoma, the city took its name from the mountain to be what we know today as Tacoma.


A classic rom-com

Tacoma’s Stadium High School was the site of filming for the cult classic teenage romance film, Ten Things I hate About You. Fans will remember some iconic shots taken in and around the school’s premises, and who cannot forget that heart-rendering poem before the classroom at the end?


Museum of Glass

It’s not often one encounters a museum of glass, wherever you are in the world. The Museum of Glass is one of the big attractions in the city of Tacoma, and the building that houses it is indeed a masterpiece in itself. The Museum of Glass prides itself on being a catalyst for change in the city, and has opened up avenues for engaging with the arts and creativity.








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