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The arts has become a vital part of the city of Tacoma. It is one of the contributing factors that make Tacoma such a livable city with an enhanced quality of life for its residents. You can rest assured that when it comes to the arts and culture in Tacoma, there is a variety of institutions and spaces in the city that allow it to thrive.

What’s more, it is dedicated to promoting inclusion and diversity. According to the Tacoma Arts Commission, it “strongly supports inclusion, equity, and access. We celebrate Tacoma’s diversity of people, places, cultures, and artistic expression.”

Below we share a list of some of the art spaces worth checking out in Tacoma.


Tacoma Arts Museum

The Tacoma Arts Museum’s collection includes more than 5000 pieces that seek to shine a light on the art and artists of the Northwest region. Its mission is to connect people and serve the area’s diverse communities through exhibitions, events and programmes.

Exclusive to the Tacoma Arts Museum is Dave Chihuly’s (a world-renowned Tacoma native glass artist) largest retrospective collection and the Haub Family Collection of Western American Art, which is the first collection of western American art in the Pacific Northwest region.


Museum of Glass 

A contemporary museum with a unique twist, the Museum of Glass is committed to glass and glassmaking, as well as as showcasing the art that falls into this category and beyond. The building within which it is housed it itself a masterpiece and it is surrounded by a thriving arts and culture hub, with a range of other museums within walking distance.

While the museum is a cornerstone of the city of Tacoma for its contribution to the arts, it is also a symbol of the revitalization of the city thanks largely to its iconic building and restoration of a waterway.


Alma Mater Tacoma

Almost the antithesis of a typical arts organisation, Alma Mater was founded with the express purpose of creating a sustainable model that provides opportunities for the city’s artists. Today it hosts an ecosystem of artists and programming, and comprises of a performance venue, an event space, a recording studio and co-working space.

Its Milk Gallery hosts a new exhibition each month, which is always free to the public. More artworks are on display in the building’s other spaces too, in its lounging and dining wings.



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